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Praise and worship


Chuck Bashford, Mike King, Carrie Wray, Melissa Jones, Jason Martin, Amanda Miles, Dylan Wray and Sound Tech Gary Jones

My view as victory chapel worship leader.

Being the praise and worship leader at Victory Chapel has been such an honor. To be able to have the support from such amazing pastors as Kevin and April Miles, is very much appreciated. To know that they trust what God has called me to do and given me the freedom to do so is humbling.

My vision for the Victory Chapel Praise Team for 2020 is to work beside our Pastors to help take our church through the leading of the Holy Ghost.  To different level this year in God, not only in praise but to worship.
Identifying and helping lead our church in understanding the difference between the two.

Praise meaning: Admiration or Approval,
We praise the Lord in many different ways:
  • By lifting our hands to God
  • Through song and dance
  • Through giving of our time and our tithes
  • Sharing all the good things that God has done and is doing for us daily

 When we begin to Worship, it goes much deeper than Praise.
Worship means: to fall down before or bow down to as Christians it is making ourselves humble by kneeling down before the Lord. Showing humility and devotion to Him.  Knowing that by worshipping, it is an act that brings glory to God and a sign of submission to His authority.

In John 4:23 Jesus spoke about worship.
"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth, for the father is seeking such to worship Him"

I want to help encourage not just our church but those that we come in contact with daily that we need to worship Him.  We don't need to just exercise this only in the four walls of our church.  We need to do this daily, in our homes, on our jobs and all through out our daily lives. So come join us at Victory Chapel, where singing praises unto God is only the beginning to what He has for me and YOU!!

-Amanda Miles
Victory Chapel Praise and Worship Leader